What are My Treatment Options for Arthritis

Treatment Options for ArthritisThere are many non-surgical options for treating arthritis. Although there is no cure for arthritis, surgery is typically done to restore mobility in severe cases. The best surgeons will consider the least invasive methods before opting for surgery, which naturally has more risks and may not be suitable for some patients.

What are Your Options?

There are many medications that are effective for arthritis. The most commonly used are anti-inflammatory medications which work to reduce the pain and inflammation that is common in arthritis. Although there are side effects, surgeons often prefer these medications because they can provide the needed relief for some forms of arthritis. They also use other medications according to the specific medical condition of the patient.


Treatment Options for ArthritisInjections can be very effective for treating knee pain. Cortisone injections prevent inflammation and work faster than oral medications since they are injected directly into the problem areas. Of course, injections also have their side effects, but they are extremely effective for providing immediate relief from pain and swelling. They are usually more effective when injected in the knee than in the hips. Cortisone injections may also be used for diagnostic purposes.

Another kind of injection contains substances that try to mimic the synovial fluid in the joints to add lubrication for proper joint function. They often work as well as cortisone injections.

Holistic Approach

Medications and injections are best used in conjunction with other remedies like medically supervised weight loss and physical therapy. A good orthopedic doctor will try all of these methods before he resorts to surgery. When injections no longer provide relief or when mobility can no longer be managed by medications, that is the time to talk about surgery. A thorough explanation of its benefits and risks will help the patient make an informed choice. Visit St Pete Hip and Knee for more information about arthritis therapies.

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