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Orthopedics is a medical specialty covering the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of injuries and disease of the musculoskeletal system – including bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves. Whether you have a minor sports injury or need a total joint replacement, our array of first-rate orthopedic services can help.

For patients with osteoarthritis in their knees, a minimally invasive surgical alternative is available at St Pete Hip and Knee. Unicompartmental knee surgery results in faster recoveries than traditional total knee replacement. It is an option for osteoarthritis patients who only have one knee compartment that is damaged.

St Pete Hip and Knee physicians also use computer-assisted navigation for knee replacement surgery. Described as a “surveyor’s tool,” this technology helps surgeons accurately align and orient knee implants with the patient’s anatomy, ultimately improving the knee’s functioning and longevity. Infrared optics and tracking software continually monitor the positioning of instruments during surgery, allowing the physician to make a more precise cut while ensuring optimal placement and stability. All products used are FDA approved and the latest in technology.

Orthopedic patients are cared for on beds designed especially for orthopedic surgery, including total joint surgery, back surgery and bone surgery.

Joint Replacement – Find out how to protect and strengthen your joints.

Kurt Hirshorn MD of St Pete Hip and Knee guarantees expertise and compassion when caring for his patients, and ensures a good hospital stay. Schedule an appointment today or call us at (727) 755-0313.

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