Problems and Treatments After Hip or Knee Surgery

After Hip or Knee SurgeryWhen it comes to hip replacement or knee replacement surgery, there may be post-op complications that occur frequently enough to be immediately recognized. These complications include issues with leg length, infection, and wound problems. Blood clots are another problem that can arise. It is possible for these post-op problems to be avoided by choosing an experienced, knowledgeable surgeon to perform the operation.

Post-Op Treatments by the Orthopedic Doctor

After a knee replacement or hip replacement surgery, the surgeon places compression, or a squeezer, on the leg to help with recovery. In order to prevent blood clots from occurring, doctors often put patients on blood thinning medications after surgery. This medication can be in the form of prescription blood thinning pills, injections, or aspirin. Patients must work with their doctor in order to determine which blood thinner is right for them.

However, the use of blood thinning medication, although it is an important post-op treatment, can lead to other complications. Blood that is too thin can cause the wound to drain, and extended drainage can lead to wound problems and infection. Therefore, orthopedic doctors must take care to perfectly balance the need to prevent blood clots with the need for wound healing and infection prevention.

How Patients Can Best Help Themselves Recover from Surgery

Every caring orthopedic doctor wants to see the best outcome for patients, but they can ultimately only do so much. Patients are partly responsible for their own recovery. Assuming that all has gone well with the surgery, one of the most important things a patient can do is to put some weight on the leg, which means getting up and standing or walking. This action is very important because it can prevent blood clots and even reduce the pain significantly. Post-op physical activity is something highly recommended at St Pete Hip and Knee.

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