Whats the Perfect Age to have Joint Replacement

Perfect Age to have Joint ReplacementJoint replacement surgery is one of the most important medical procedures for treating damaged and arthritic knees, debilitating genetic joint disorders, and severely disordered joints. An operation performed by a skilled surgeon, followed by good post-operative care, ensures complete alleviation of pain, enhanced mobility and enhanced longevity of the new artificial joint. So why are younger people afraid of having joint replacement surgery too early? Is there a perfect age for the procedure?

Individuals below age 40 tend to be reluctant to consider joint replacement because of the fear that an early surgery might complicate their already busy lives and subject them to numerous surgical revisions after the first operation. In contrast to the younger patients, older individuals aged 55-80 accept that joint replacement surgery will be recommended by their doctors. In fact, more than half of all knee replacement operations are performed in patients aged 55 to 65. Most of these patients seem comfortable with the procedure, probably because they expect that a single operation in their lifetime will suffice.

But are the fears of younger people justified? Not at all! Individuals should not endure the severe pain of knee damage, dismal mobility and severe osteoarthritis that may further diminish their health if surgery is deferred to avoid temporary conveniences. There is no perfect age for patients to have joint replacement surgery. In fact, the earlier the operation is performed the better quality of life will be for the patient. Moreover, hip and knee surgeons are usually more conservative about recommending joint replacement surgery in patients younger than 55, and will only recommend the the procedure when the benefits clearly outweigh the inconvenience.

Furthermore, when joint replacement is performed early enough, certain risks are remedied or avoided by taking preventive measures. These risks include the leakage of bone marrow into the joint fluid, high blood pressure due to limited mobility and minimal exercise, and the resulting hip and joint damage that accompanies being overweight.Perfect Age for Joint Replacement To prevent the need for numerous revisions after the first operation, the patient will be trained in how to care for the new artificial joint in order to enhance the joint’s longevity. Therefore, there is no reason for young people to endure pain and defer having the operation after it is recommended by an orthopedic surgeon.

Essentially, the decision to have joint replacement surgery should not be based on age. Patients should seek advice from hip and knee doctors who will evaluate the patient’s ability to stand the ACL surgery and anesthesia, and assess their ability to recover. The doctor will also assess the patient’s overall health and strength before scheduling an operation. Anyone, regardless of age, can seek a second opinion, but they should never ignore their doctor’s advice to undergo joint replacement surgery. For more information, answers and advice regarding joint replacement surgery, call or visit us at St Pete Hip and Knee in St Petersburg, Florida.

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