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Only experienced orthopedic surgeons like Dr. Kurt Hirshorn can effectively treat severe, disabling hip joint disorders. They devote their time to treating patients and staying well-versed in the latest developments in hip surgical procedures. They are dedicated to providing excellent patient care both in and out of the operating room. Thousands of hip replacement surgeries are performed in the St. Petersburg area every year. This is a common treatment for chronic hip pain because it has proven to have a high success rate. However, the success of a hip replacement procedure depends on the patient’s condition before surgery as well as the skill and experience of the orthopedic surgeon.

Conditions for Hip Surgery

Many medical conditions of the skeletal and immune systems create the need for hip joint surgeries. Health conditions such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteonecrosis, congenital dysplasia, and failed joints impede the patient’s ability to lead a normal, active lifestyle and deteriorate the hip joint to the point that surgery becomes necessary. Surgery is recommended by doctors when the chronic hip pain cannot be treated effectively by other methods, such as exercise, physical therapy and medication. In these cases, hip replacement may be necessary.

Surgical Procedures for the Hip Joint

There are numerous ways to diagnose and treat hip disorders. Some of these procedures include hip resurfacing surgery, total hip replacement, pelvis osteotomy, revision total hip surgery, partial hip replacement, minimally invasive hip surgery, and arthroscopy. Skilled orthopedic surgeons actively support the education and research that helps advance the technology behind treating hip disorders because they effectively allow patients to find relief from the pain and discomfort they experience.

A dedicated orthopedic surgeon can assist patients who require complex hip revision surgery. These patients can turn to the care of orthopedic clinics for the help they need. All levels and types of hip disorders can be diagnosed and treated at the regional referral center of St Pete Hip and Knee in St Petersburg, Florida.

Kurt Hirshorn MD of St Pete Hip and Knee guarantees expertise and compassion when caring for his patients, and ensures a good hospital stay. Schedule an appointment today or call us at (727) 755-0313.

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