Non-Operative Treatment for Arthritis

Non Operative Treatment for ArthritisMany patients prefer or require a non-operative treatment for arthritis. That treatment usually comes in the form of pills.

Human beings are not the only ones who can suffer from arthritis. So too can animals, such as horses and dogs. Years before glucosamine and chondroitin became known as a popular arthritis treatment for humans, veterinarians were prescribing these pills to dogs.

In fact, it is when glucosamine was prescribed to their pet that many became familiar with the use of this substance as an arthritis treatment. It proved most helpful to dogs who were overweight.

Even today, there is no concrete proof that glucosamine is beneficial to humans who have arthritis. Some medical studies have found this substance to be no more beneficial than a placebo.

Nevertheless, there is also no proof that these pills are harmful to people. Many claim that glucosamine relieves their arthritis pain. Those who experience an improvement should feel free to continue using these pills as long as they continue to experience some relief.

The Truth about Arthritis Pills Seen in Television and Magazines

There are several pills being aggressively marketed that claim to be miracle arthritis treatments. Such ads are commonly found on daytime television and in airplane magazines.

The makers of these products claim incredible benefits, such as total knee renewal, but these claims are not to be believed. If there were indeed such a powerful treatment available, it would already be widely used in the medical industry, having been discovered by those passionate doctors who seek out the most effective relief for their patients.

Pills Most Commonly Prescribed by an Orthopedic Doctor

Anti-inflammatory medications remain the most common non-operative arthritis treatment. These drugs work by treating the inflammation that comes with arthritis, helping to bring the patient some relief.

Many doctors prescribe these drugs freely, and although they do help patients feel somewhat better, there are also some negative side effects that can arise from the continued use of anti-inflammatories. Fortunately for those who have rheumatoid arthritis, there are new medications available that have proven to be highly effective for treating this condition.

Patients who want the most effective non-operative treatment for their arthritis should focus less on pills and more on finding the best doctor for this specialization. For many patients, the doctor they are looking for is at St Pete Hip and Knee in St Petersburg, Florida.

Kurt Hirshorn MD of St Pete Hip and Knee guarantees expertise and compassion when caring for his patients, and ensures a good hospital stay. Schedule an appointment today or call us at (727) 755-0313.

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