What is Minimally Invasive Surgery?

What Is Minimally Invasive SurgeryMost knee problems do not require surgery, but there are times when surgery may be necessary before rehabilitation can begin. Fortunately, recent innovations in medical technology have given surgeons the option of performing minimally invasive surgeries. “Minimally invasive” refers to the minimal amount of trauma to the body during an operation. Procedures are done by creating small incisions around the surgical site using surgical tools containing cameras. With the aid of computer video equipment, the surgeon can perform the entire procedure through the small openings while watching an enlarged image on a screen. Minimally invasive hip or knee surgeries usually require incisions less than 3 inches in length, which means there is less damage to tissues, less pain and a faster recovery time.

Reasons for Choosing Minimally Invasive Surgery

The main objective for surgeons who opt to perform minimally invasive surgeries is to give the patient a faster recovery time with as little pain, discomfort and risk of complications as possible. This type of surgery may not be the solution for certain conditions, however. There are instances when a condition will require a more extensive open surgery. The orthopedic specialist will first determine whether a joint problem can be repaired with a minimally invasive procedure before he looks at more extensive options. The patient will be informed of these options so that his or her preference is considered during the evaluation.

A minimally invasive hip joint or knee joint surgery is ideal for those who are suffering from minor joint problems that cannot be treated with non-surgical remedies. In most cases, patients opt to undergo surgery when joint problems start causing constant and severe pain. The surgery allows a patient to resume normal daily activities free from pain and with full control of leg movement once again. For more information on minimally invasive hip joint and knee joint surgeries, visit St Pete Hip and Knee in St Petersburg, Florida.

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