Knee Replacement

When the knee is damaged, the result is often pain and restricted movement. The damage can  be from trauma, arthritis or various diseases. In some instances, the pain is so intense that even sitting or lying down does not bring relief.

Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Many patients endure enormous pain for years as they try various medications without success. When the situation seems hopeless and even walking support does not help, total knee replacement surgery can end the pain and restore life back to normal. The surgery is safe and remarkably effective in correcting deformities and pain to ensure a return to normal activities. Knee replacement surgery can be the best option for those who are considering surgery for the first time, as well as for those who consider it is a last resort.

Numerous studies reveal that total knee replacement surgery is one of the most effective and safest surgical procedures available. Since 1968, when the first such operation was performed, knee replacement has continued to improve along with changes in surgical technology. New techniques and equipment have resulted in more accuracy, precision and higher success rates. The US Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has reported that more than 600,000 knee replacement operations are performed in the United States every year.

The Right Time for Surgery

Patients should consider all other options for treatment before undergoing a major surgical procedure. Usually, the right time for surgery is when knee pain is constant, interferes with sleep, and causes weakness and stinging soreness during normal activities such as standing up, walking and climbing stairs.  Less severe pain would occur only when a patient is engaged in exercise, travelling and shopping. Constant pain that occurs even while a patient is taking pain medication indicates the need to see an orthopedic surgeon.

Consult an Orthopedic Surgeon

Scheduling a consultation with an experienced orthopedic surgeon  is the first step to recovery. The surgeon will evaluate the history of the problem, assess overall health and age, and consider the effectiveness of changing medications before scheduling surgery. Call or visit St Pete Hip and Knee in St Petersburg, Florida, for more information about total knee replacement surgery.

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