Free Hip Replacement Restores Hope for Former Sloppy Joe’s Bartender

Free Hip ReplacementCustomers used to enjoy a conversation with John Lindquist, a quick witted bartender at Sloppy Joe’s Treasure Island. Seventeen years ago, a semi-truck cut him off on Interstate 4 causing an accident that left him badly injured. Although he lived, life was never the same for him after the accident. Today, his hip joint, which badly needs to be replaced, is putting his life on hold. His mobility is severely restricted. At the age of 47, he leads the sedentary life of a much older man. Stefen Quinn, the bar manager, says that they tried to create special accommodations for the bartender to keep him employed. He added, “John struggles to lift his leg just to get in the car, and lately, it is getting even tougher for him.” The good news is that Lindquist’s hip pain has diminished thanks to the orthopedic surgeons at Bayfront Medical Center.

Video credits: ABC Action News

Physicians had determined that Lindquist lost too much cartilage in the hip area causing the bones to rub against one another. Moreover, the right leg became 1.25 inches shorter than the left leg. Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Kurt Hirshorn said that the bartender’s life will change for the better after the surgery. He adds, “It is a privilege for me to help John by replacing his hip and getting rid of the bone spurs which are painfully fusing his bones.” He felt that the bartender suffered longer than necessary before finding a group of professionals willing to help him. Most importantly, the surgery is done free of charge. Lindquist says the doctors have given him fresh hope to look forward to a better life .

Kathryn Gillette, CEO of Bayfront Medical Center, said that as a part of the community they believe in giving back. The organization is performing four pro-bono surgeries, including Lindquist’s. It is also Tampa Bay’s first hospital to sign on with Operation Walk USA.

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