Choosing The Right Surgeon for Hip and Knee Replacement

Choosing the Right Hip and Knee SurgeonHip and knee replacement are not minor surgeries. The patient cannot simply go home to recuperate after the procedure. Both hip surgery and knee surgery may be extensive and require rehabilitation and recovery after the operation. Choosing a surgeon should be done with careful consideration.


Patients need to know that the surgeon is skilled and specifically trained in performing these operations, as well as informed regarding recent developments in medical technologies. Orthopedic surgeons should have training in the use of equipment and technology that they are now using in their practice, and the equipment should be the best available for the operations they perform.


Choosing the Right Hip SurgeonIn addition to meeting state, federal and medical board requirements for licensing and certification, the best surgeons for hip or knee replacement are those who have spent years successfully performing these surgeries. Surgeons should, ideally, have extensive fellowship training under the instruction of leaders in their specialized field of medicine. Fellowship training not only provides surgeons with the skills for performing primary surgeries, it also trains in secondary surgery and dealing with complications such as infection and immobility. It provides surgeons with expert guidance for developing the insight to immediately recognize problems and complications.

The surgeons at St Pete Hip and Knee have trained with leading innovators in their field, giving them a distinct advantage. Extensive training has exposed them to the most advanced technologies used in orthopedic surgery and allows them to provide the best care for patients. Visit St Pete Hip and Knee in St Petersburg, Florida, for more information.

Kurt Hirshorn MD of St Pete Hip and Knee guarantees expertise and compassion when caring for his patients, and ensures a good hospital stay. Schedule an appointment today or call us at (727) 755-0313.

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