The Challenge of Revision Hip Replacement Surgery

Challenge of Revision Hip Replacement SurgeryAccording to recent research data, there are over 30,000 cases of revision hip replacement surgery performed annually in the United States. This type of surgery is performed when a previously attempted hip replacement fails. Revision hip replacement surgery is the medical procedure for replacing failed implants with new implants that will result in a joint that is strong and stable.

When planning for this type of surgery, patients should be aware that it is a difficult operation. It is therefore recommended that an orthopedic surgeon specializing in hip replacement, rather than a general orthopedic surgeon, perform a revision hip replacement.

There are several reasons why revision hip replacement is done:

  • When an earlier hip implant fails due to osteolysis.
  • When there is a dislocation of the hip implant after surgery.
  • When a bone close to the implant is fractured.
  • When an infection occurs after surgery.

During the revision surgery, the original functionality of the ball and socket joint of the hip is restored. The four procedures used during this process are:

  • Insertion of a metal hip stem on top of the thigh bone.
  • Inserting a metal cup holding the cup liner.
  • The cup liner in turn holds the femoral head.
  • The femoral head is attached to the hip stem top and is inserted into the liner parts in such a manner that they form the ball and socket joint.

Advantages of Revision Hip Replacement Surgery

The main advantage of this surgery is that it will help you once again live your life with freedom of movement and little or no hip pain. After surgery, you will likely return to the normal activities you once enjoyed. Another benefit of this surgery is that it will give you relief from chronic pain.

Choose a Specialist for Revision Surgery

The risk is minimized when an orthopedic surgeon with the right skills and expertise performs the operation. When done incorrectly, the surgery may lead to other complications such as rapid failure of the hips, dislocation of the hips, and fractures.

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