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What Are The Risk After Hip Replacement?

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Hip arthritis is not a life-threatening condition: the procedure is “elective.” There are possible complications associated with hip replacement surgery and Dr. Hirshorn will only offer it as an option.. read more

Revision Hip Replacement Surgery

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According to recent research data, there are over 30,000 cases of revision hip replacement surgery performed annually in the United States. This type of surgery is performed when a previously.. read more

What is Knee Replacement

What is Knee Replacement Surgery?

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Knee replacement surgery has been refined and evolved into a common procedure with predictable outcomes. Advances in surgical technology and techniques have ensured that the procedure is accurate, safe, and reduces.. read more

What is the right age to have Joint Replacement Surgery?

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Joint replacement surgery is one of the most important medical procedures for treating damaged and arthritic knees, debilitating genetic joint disorders, and severely disordered joints. An operation performed by a.. read more

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