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Knee Replacement patient, Jess Beaty

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Mr. Jess Beaty was a patient of Dr Hirshorn who had a Knee Replacement Surgery and now he just enjoying the view at the Great Wall of China. Numerous studies.. read more

What are the Risks of Hip Replacement?

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Certain complications may occur in less than 1% of hip replacement patients. In such cases, further surgery and implant correction may be needed. The following are possible risks after a.. read more

Free Hip Replacement Restores Hope for Former Sloppy Joe’s Bartender

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A former bartender at Sloppy Joe’s Treasure Island gets a free hip replacement surgery after a major accident severely restricted his mobility. As part of a nationwide initiative to provide.. read more

What Is Arthritis?

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The term “arthritis” literally means inflammation of a joint, but is generally used to describe any condition in which there is damage to the cartilage. Inflammation, if present, is in.. read more

Does stem cell work on arthritis?

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Recent advances in stem cell treatments for medical conditions like arthritis are already being used in some clinics. This includes the use of stem cells that can help reduce inflammation.. read more

What is Minimally Invasive Surgery for Dr Hirshorn?

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Most patients about to undergo a surgery dread the pain they would be feeling at the operated site. So, they search for advanced surgical procedures that are less painful, leave.. read more

Women Leg Length Discrepancy After Hip Surgery

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During the hip surgery, the upper portion of the femur (thigh bone) is cut off. The socket of the pelvis is shaped and a metal cup is fit into it… read more

How Good Is Joint Replacement Surgery?

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Hip replacement surgery is performed when a patient is suffering from pain and limited mobility which has not been relieved by medication or physical therapy. Conditions include osteonecrosis or bone.. read more

What does cortisone do to your arthritis?

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There is no definite cause for rheumatoid arthritis and doctors believe the flare ups are a result of a number of factors. Patients with this condition often have abnormal immune.. read more

Clicking Sound After Joint Replacement surgery

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The knee joint is comprised of three bones: the femur (thigh bone), the patella (knee cap), and the tibia (shin bone). It can be divided into the medial compartment, the.. read more

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