All About Total Hip Replacement

All About Total Hip ReplacementMany people suffer from hip pain that is so intense it has a negative effect on their quality of life. It can be difficult to carry out even basic tasks, like going up stairs or standing up from a chair, when there is a problem with the hip joint. The pain can be so great that it stops a person from sleeping at night. There are treatments available to address such joint pain, but when all else fails total hip replacement can prove to be the best solution. Read on to learn about hip replacement surgery.

What Happens During Total Hip Replacement?

Many patients are glad they made the choice to have total hip replacement because the new hip gave them back the enjoyment of life. During the procedure new materials are used to create an artificial hip and the old, damaged joint is removed. The new hip is connected to existing bone using a porous coating or cement. In place of the defective pelvic bones, metal shells with plastic liners are implanted. Pain management during hip surgery consists of either general anesthesia, which puts the patient to sleep, or regional anesthesia, which might make them sleepy, but allows them to stay awake. The type of anesthesia used is usually chosen by the doctor. There have been total hip replacements that were performed by way of minimally invasive surgery, but this is not the approach used in most cases. Minimally invasive surgery is preferred by many patients because there are smaller scars and blood loss is less, but the smaller incisions are sometimes inadequate for maneuvering the old and new hip joints.

Is This Hip Surgery Right for You?

The pros and cons of having the surgery are not the same for every case, but depend heavily on the level of health. Your doctor can inform you of all the potential risks of total hip replacement that you may experience It may be that this is just what you need to get back to an active, healthy lifestyle. This is a decision that must be made very carefully. Many patients do not have to think very hard about whether they want to have the procedure done because the hip pain they experience is so severe. If you have been having problems with your hip that has resulted in limitations on your life, total hip replacement may prove to be the best approach.

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